once upon a time, a long time ago

The computer I am working on, has been through a rework, for the past 2 days. Not sure its any better, but its working! so I’m happy.

I have been nominated by 3 of my face book friends to do a challenge. Thank you Michelle McKinlay, Karen  Duvel , and Tanya Reid. Each person is asked to share 3 or 4 of our old pieces of art, for 5 days.

This is one of the first painting I did. It was between 1966 to 1968. while my husband was stationed in the Philippine Islands.  I was 21_23 years old.


Another old piece is a needle work of my husband and myself, from a photo taken at Knotts Berry Farm, time unknown.   


I found 2 old painting I had started in the 1970’s while living in Indiana. neither of them are finished, and I may go back know and play with them. Do you notice the burnt Orange décor? the blue and white pitcher, is a piece of ceramics that I painted. most of the pieces have long ago been given away or lost.





This is an old portrait of my in-laws done as a gift in 1978.


I’ve also been doing a couple of graphite sketches in my old journal, that I need to finish. Still have classes I haven’t started, but I am sketching!


this one had a wild hair style and would be fun to paint.


I have also been commissioned to do a painting of a family of three children. I was given several small photos to choose from. not sure which I will settle on. In the mean time I did a couple of little sketches in my journal .



My son, the red head in the paintings above, sent me a gift this week. He doesn’t sport that bowl cut any longer ( that was my handy work) to show his support of my art. Love you, Brad!


I would like to nominate a couple of my friends to follow me in the challenge. So I would like to nominate Sweetred Clover, and Raine Phoenix.


About Jackie Beeman

I started out scrap booking,as a way to record keep and be creative. Several years later I started art journaling and finding groups and on line classes, to join. My art is a hobby and a passion.
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6 Responses to once upon a time, a long time ago

  1. Becky Thompson says:

    Jackie, It has been near to see your early pieces of art. It is funny how the 70’s shined through in the clothing and color schemes. 😉 Your talent has remained plentiful through the years!! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Becky. Yeah, the 70’s were full of big hair, flair pants and bright colors! These were up in the rafters of the garage and long forgotten. I think there are a few more, I’ll look for later😊 thanks for stopping by!

  2. Carrie Lynn says:

    It was wonderful looking at your previous works Jackie. I was surprised to learn that you lived in my home country (Philippines) for a time. I hope it was a memorable one.

  3. Darlene Ferings says:

    luvly paintings! Fun to look at. You did amazing work!

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