Finish What?

Finish what? You never really got started!

I was planning on doing a blog last year, and it really never went anywhere.

The New Year is at hand, and as many people have done, I chose, one little Word. I believe Ali Edwards started the idea, several years ago, as a way to focus on ones goals and purpose for the New Year. I have tried it a few times, as a motivator. Like most resolutions they last a few weeks and I threw it out the window! There was create, focus, balance and who knows what, I don’t even remember them all.

If I am to blog, I decided I should finish what I started last year. So hence my word is ta-da….”FINISH”

Last year was my fourth year to do art journaling. I found face book, and online classes, and it turned from a mild mannered occasional habit into a full blown monster of an addiction.

I signed up for 15 plus paid classes, 5 free groups of year long, prompts, plus several other fun places to hang out.  To be honest I completed less than half of them.  Met so many, amazing artists and friends. I watched videos, flicker, Instagram, Pinterest accounts, google+, tweets, tumblers, and on and on. Still don’t really use them much, but I do look at them.

I am a hoarder and easily distracted by new or shiny objects. I am ashamed to admit how many “new things” I have bought and never used! My other weakness, is, I have the belief if I buy a book on the subject I will absorb everything in it and be able to do achieve whatever is in those pages. Whether it’s a diet book, or how to:  make, your own journals, carving your own stamps, stamps, sewing. I have die cut machines, I don’t use, a sewing machine I haven’t even threaded, stacks and stacks of magazines that are collecting dust, and turning into a fire hazard. Trying to be well rounded has proven once and for all… I am not! I fit in my tiny little box, and I am happy there.

I don’t teach, nor sell anything, I don’t have much wisdom to impart, and I just like to draw and paint and play with my friends. So that’s what I will do this year. Finish the 20 or so Journals I started. I planned on finishing many of the lessons I started last year. I have 5 paid classes I am doing this year, and several free ones. I am doing the DLP and journal52. These are the only ones I have done so far. So many others out there I want to be part of, ill pace myself and see. My favorite subject of all is faces! So this is where I may spend most of my time again this year. I realize it’s been a hot topic for a long time, and some people are over it and moving on…..but I’ll just stick with them as long as it hold my interest.

So I will show you the only few pages I have done this year, and get back to all the stuff I want to ‘FINISH’.

Until I get an urge to blog again, thank you for stopping by.  JackieIMG_5159IMG_5160IMG_5155IMG_5161IMG_5162IMG_5152IMG_5151IMG_5150IMG_5148


About Jackie Beeman

I started out scrap booking,as a way to record keep and be creative. Several years later I started art journaling and finding groups and on line classes, to join. My art is a hobby and a passion.
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9 Responses to Finish What?

  1. Marianne says:

    I absolutely love your honesty. I, too, could get to the point where I overbuy classes or overcorrect online. I’m excited to see how you finish up your projects. And, I’d also love to know what classes rocked your world. I also love how you know what feels true to you. 🙂

    • Thanks Marianne. As far as favorite classes, I think Life Book and Soul Food are my two favorites, because you get step by step instructions. I also loved the studying under the masters! I need to make more time for life outside of my paint and pencils!

    • Thank you Marianne. I love doing the free groups, DLP and Journal52, because there is no pressure to keep up! I’ve enjoyed most of the classes, Life Book is awesome and Soul food, too. The studying under the masters was great, because they went for 6 weeks, not all year! Not sure if I had a favorite? Hope to slow down this year. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Patricia says:

    Hi Jackie! :))
    Well, I started off with FINISH as my word during the first few days of the month, and then as I completely the Susannah Conway program another word emerged from that – ACCOMPLISH. I realized that ultimately, what I wanted to do was to be productive. Yes, finish things, classes (I’m not far behind you on the overload there lol), projects, etc… but also allow that feeling of accomplishment to penetrate and remind me that I DO get stuff done. It’s going to be a great year Jackie ❤ I'm glad to know you.

    • Thanks Patricia. I agree, the word finish, may not be the right one, I want to do better and slow down! I’m glad we are friends too! Just don’t mention any cool products or classes, because I am weak and will wan them!😍

      • Patricia says:

        lol, that goes double for me ;P
        I already have 2 new classes I’m in, not counting the Prompt60 free one from Daisy Yellow I plan to follow this year – and they fell into my lap so there was no way I was going to say no :))

        I’m backing off on the DLP I think, mostly for time, but also because I want to try some new things. I’ll still pick and choose a few of the prompts here and there, and I’m incorporating a planner style page, sort of like a month-at-a-glance thing, in my art journal, but I’m not going to follow-along again. I’ll keep my crowing about any of the classes I’m in to a minimum ;)) (Unless we’re in the same ones! Then we can crow together lol)

      • ❤️

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  3. Carrie Lynn says:

    Yay Jackie! I love reading your post. I love seeing your work. Your faces always inspires me to do more, practice more and be steadfast.This year my one little word is fearless. I have been practicing and learning from DLP and ICAD last year and am very happy to have stayed and finished all their prompts. This year, I have embarked on a more challenging pace though, with several new free projects at facebook, continuing on with practicing on doing faces, DLP 2015 and having the courage to start and finish Radiant faces. This will be one beautiful and exciting year for us. One project at a time 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words, Carrie Lynn. I still really don’t know how to maneuver this blog, but, as you see I’m doing it anyway! LOL. Hope to see you in the radiant faces class, if I can ever get myself started!

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