My Very First Post!

Okay, I have had a few people ask do you have a blog? the answer has always been. no. I don”t. Its easy they say, you should try. Well there are stages, phases and cycles in our life. I am in the winter stages of my life and I’m in a draw and paint stage, definitely in the final spin cycle. I don”t have any great advice and my opinion’s are probably of no interest, to anyone.I don”t sing. I don”t dance, and if I try and tell a joke…. I’ll do one of two things, forget the punch line or screw it up and spend the next 20 minutes trying to explain it! I don”t cook, nor read much. I don”t travel or have cute pets to talk about. So all I have is the drawing and paintings I have been doing of late. Arts and craps have always been my go to for having creative fun. My children are grown, My grandchildren are mostly adults, one teen and one pre-teen. My husband has retired from two 20 plus year careers.What all this means is simple……I have to much time on my hands and I spent my days doing art. This year I am taking several online classes. Life book 2014, Soul Food 2014, Studying under the Masters, just finished a great class with Karen Milstein, Gorgeous Girls, with Kat McBride, Book of Days and several other groups and interests. One of the current groups is 29 faces in February that is done by Ayala Art. This is her third year, my second. Another free group is Gritty Jane”s 40 portraits challenge by Jane Spakowsky. I will try and show my portraits for the face challenges, as my first blog.


About Jackie Beeman

I started out scrap booking,as a way to record keep and be creative. Several years later I started art journaling and finding groups and on line classes, to join. My art is a hobby and a passion.
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2 Responses to My Very First Post!

  1. Looks pretty good over here Jackie (if I do say so myself lol) Can’t wait to see you fill the place up with beautiful art and fun posts! :))

  2. zenkatwrites says:

    Yeah! You are a blogger! You are blogging, far far away from the shore! (If you have questions email me; I may be able to help.) And I will follow you . . .

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